Vesná Team

We are a team of Enlightened Agents from Russia called Vesna! Team. Our name comes from Russian word for spring, as it is spring that inspired us to create this project. Our members comes from various cities, yet are united by one goal: to embody the ideal of Enlightened in hard stone.

Our idea is based on the struggle between factions: everything changes, the colors, the people, yet the battlefield remains unchanged. In this, we saw a parallel to the four seasons: as the cold skepsis of the Resistance evolves into wild enthusiasm of the Enlightened, so the icy blue in the portal's physical model changes into green foliage. Eventually, the reverse process takes place, and everything begins anew, but while the cycle goes on, life exists. After all, what can be workse than empty changeless blankness?

That is the point of Circle of Life.

Despensero. Project leader. Software developer, traveler, agent of Moscow Enlightened.

MikeLambert. Project Hardware and Firmware Magician. Software developer, traveller, cryptoanarchist. An Enlightened agent from Siberia. With love, obviously.

Design team, YaKotik and Lizist (yes he is a cat and also a smurf, yay x-faction). Has seen it all. Don't talk to her.

Xuhin. Rolling stone, farmer. Irresponsible construction assembler.

Hamsterrific aka FurryFury. Recruiter, translator, hamster, agent of Moscow Enlightened.

eternalduck, web-developer bird & green agent.

Davairychi, Chinese martial arts instructor, CP abilitation specialist, Chinese lecturer, Oriental history researcher.

LegarOrry. Orientalist. Traveler. Just awesome.