Circle of Life Project

Hexagon may very well be the only regular shape encountered in nature. Hexagon grants integrity and ease of access. As a honeycomb, it stores the energy of life itself. This is why we’ve chosen a hexagon as the basis for our design.

We took our inspiration from nature and the constant cycle it undergoes. When under control of the Enlightened who strive for pluralism and diversity, it blooms, enswathed in foliage. When captured by the Resistance, adherents of cold logic and control, it freezes, covered with icy bristles.

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Portal Structure

The portal is made of three crossed hexagonal planes-leaves of 1.5m in diameter placed around the central axis. Each leaf is made up by two acrylic sheets with different engraved pictures, highlighted by RGB led strip from the edge. They change color and pattern from green foliage to blue ice crystals depending on the faction in control and charge.

When captured by the Enlightened, the portal is glowing green, like tree leaves.

When captured by the Resistance, glows icy blue, as if radiating cold.

Neutral portal glows faint white, as if waiting.

The portal consists of three planes around central axis.
Each plane is composed of six triangles.
Each triangle has one “center”, two “rays”, one “leaf” and two “curls”.